Every customer is unique, and personalization is about creating your own blueprint. Luxury is the little details that are vital.

The art of patina

Patina is an artistic way of travelling the leather in time using dyes and pigments.
This art is created by skilled artisans with a unique technique in various shades of colors. 
There is no artist who can re-create the piece of art he performed even a minute ago. Therefore, every patina will be slightly different, and this adds  uniqueness to its character.

Personalization patina
Personalization Engraving


Engraving adds a luxurious detail and personal touch to your leather items. 
You can select from our leather goods range or bring your item for engraving to keeping it for yourself or gifting it to your loved ones.

Customize your sneakers

Sneakers are a passion for our sneakerheads who seek for comfort and a sophisticated silhouette. 
Personalization has always been part of sneaker culture and our artists can create your dream pair of sneakers with a personal touch.

customize Sneakers personalization
Embellishment personalization


Enhance your favorite pair of shoes with our embellishment services. 
Take your pick among various type of monogrammed initials, symbols and more.

We love to serve our customers

We invite you to explore the variety of treatments that we offer, providing you with the best ways to nurture, energized and alive your items.

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