Fabram Shoe shine services

Fabram shoe shine services offers the premium shoeshine experience with well-trained, friendly shoe shiners at our comfortable luxury bespoke shoeshine chairs. 
We use only superior quality Saphir products to shine your leather shoes exclusively. Expert shoe care is not only important to maintain the beauty of your shoes but also protect the leather from possible exposure to external factors

Hire a Shoe Shiner

Experience the luxury shoeshine without visiting us at one of our stations.

We pamper your shoes in your comfort zone.


1 Shoe Shiner + Saphir shoe care products 
Duration: 60 minutes
Service: Unlimited shoeshine


Offer this traditional premium experience to your guests and use the time your guest spends on the chair to promote the business.


1 Shoeshine Chair + 1 Shoe Shiner + Saphir shoe care products 
Duration: 24 hours
Service: Unlimited shoeshine


Attract the foot floor with a fixed luxury shoeshine chair. Airport lounges, malls, hotels are optimal locations to offer luxury shoeshine experience.


1 Shoeshine Chair + 1 Shoe Shiner + Saphir shoe care products
Duration: 30 Days 
Service: Unlimited shoeshine

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Saphir Leather Care

The finest leather care products since 1920 and is the choice of the most famous shoe makers.


“We value your loyalty”

Don’t forget to ask for your complimentary shoe shine after your 5th visit* to our station.

*T&C: Presentation of stamped loyalty card is required.

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