Handbag care guide

Your handbags deserve special care and attention like an everyday beauty routine to preserve their original look and enjoy them for years to come. This handbag care guide will provide you tips to keep your bag in its best condition.

Store your handbag
  • Keep your handbag in its original pouch and fill it in with silk paper or fabric to maintain its shape. 
  • Always keep your bag in its original box, along with silica gel packs to avoid getting it damp.
  • Air your bag once every two weeks to keep away mold.
  • Rotation is key. Do not wear the same handbag  every week. If your concern is to move your belongings, we have the solution for you.
Nourish Your Handbag

Nourish your handbags

  • Once or twice a week, give your bag a sweep with a soft dry cloth and apply Saphir leather conditioner.
  • This won’t take more than a few minutes and it will help you to preserve the appearance while keeping it moisturized.
  • Start from the corner and work your way all over your handbag.
  • Leave it to dry for a moment before putting back in its pouch.

Protect your handbag

  • Applying a leather lotion will not only moisturize the smooth leather but also, it will create a layer of protection. 
  • A pen, makeup or a coffee spill can be stubborn stains to remove from the lining. You can always protect the lining with Fabram bag organizers. If you already have the stain, feel free to bring your bag in for professional bag cleaning.
Protect your Handbag

Professional care

Water spills care

Let water spills dry naturally. High-heat measures like using a hairdryer will only cause the leather to crinkle beyond salvage.

color transfer care

Prevent color transfer by consciously resisting the urge to rest your bag against your jeans.

bag care

Do not try to get rid of your stains by yourself, bring your bag to professionals to clean it.

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